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Summer Hair Care Must-Haves for Your Blondes

Summer Hair Care Must-Haves for Your Blondes

The sun is officially out and while we’re still trying to catch up with our wardrobes, clients everywhere are scheduling their blonding sessions. The summer months make it a beautiful time to transition to lighter and brighter shades — whether that means butter blonde or sun-kissed highlights. And while clients are going blonder in the salon, you’ll want to chat with them about home care, especially the ability to increase the health of their hair and combat summer frizz with their styles. Below, we’re detailing exactly how to enjoy a frizz-free summer style for every shade of summer. 

Why You Should Take Care when Styling:

As most of your clients are brightening up for the summer months, you’ll want to remind them that with gorgeous colour comes the chance of breakage. So while highlighting your hair can instantly refresh your look, it is still a chemical process that leaves strands more vulnerable to damage, meaning it’s more likely to frizz. To cut down on damage and frizz, whether you’re heat styling or air-drying here are a few tips for a flawless summer style.

When Heat Styling

Heat styling hair can encompass anything from blow-drying to curling or waving. When we add heat to highlighted or coloured hair, it can cause excess damage which leads to frizz. For this reason, alongside a healthy hair care routine, there are a few must-have products to ensure a smooth, frizz-free style. 

Meet the team:

Prepping your style with E7 Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner means hair is being cleansed and conditioned with Cupuaçu Butter, nurturing oils, and protective antioxidants to start your style off on the right foot. From improving moisture to elasticity it will improve dry hair leading to a less frizzy finish. 

Follow with E7 Leave-In Conditioning Cream which detangles while protecting and restoring moisture in order to tame. Ideal for dry or unruly hair, your strands will be treated to intense hydration while helping to cut down on frizz and protect your style from the elements.

Finally, finish with a revitalizing treat from E7 Anti-Frizz Shine Mist. This luxurious mist features nurturing oils and antioxidants to create a shiny finish while also protecting your strands and guarding against frizz. Whether you’re enjoying a smooth blow dry or a beachy wave, finish any style with this to ensure a flawless look and feel. 

For Those Air-Dry Days

Everyone loves a smooth style, but on days when you want to spend more time under the sun, you need to cut down on heat damage, or it’s simply too hot to heat style — air drying is a must! To get you from start to finish sans frizz, E7 is a must! Plus with nourishing butters, oils, and antioxidants, this range is the perfect match for brighter, blonder days. 

Meet your matches:

E7 Anti-Frizz Shampoo + Conditioner is key to replenishing key hydration — a big factor when it comes to frizz. Hair that is highlighted or lifted can sometimes require more moisture, making the E7 Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner a great start to your air-dry style. 

From here, we love suggesting the E7 Leave-In Conditioning Cream to clients. As a base layer, this cream is a weightless blend of nurturing ingredients that bring dry, brittle, and colour-treated hair back to life with intense hydration and frizz-fighting action.

To perfect your air-dry, layer E7 Anti-Frizz Curl Styler as the last step in your routine. With a lightweight feel and 3-in-1 hybrid gel-wax-cream consistency, this product encourages an even curl spiral and makes curls more manageable. Say hello to smooth, shiny, healthy, and frizz-free curls with definition and protection.