The number one color service in salon is grey coverage, so let Aloxxi's CHROMA™ Permanent Creme Colour deliver the results! This is special introductory kit offers 3 of the 5 CHROMA grey/white covering series to get started.

  • N (.0) Ideal for natural results they are perfectly balanced so that they aren't too warm or too cool

  • NT (.03) Natural gold to deliver warm coverage. Ideal for clients with coarse resistant, high percentages of grey/white who need additional pigment for full coverage.

  • NN (.00) Intense Natural Series.

The 1:1.5 mixing ratio allows for luxury results at an affordable price! CHROMA™ features CDP Complex to ensure vibrant color results that last and conditioning ingredients to maintain healthy, shiny hair. For more information, and to become a certified Aloxxi CHROMA™ Stylists, visit our eCademy.


12 Aloxxi CHROMA™ Permanent Color 2 oz.

1- 3N, 4N, 5N, 5NN, 6N, 6NN, 6NT, 7N, 7NN, 7NT, 8N, 8NN

Receive FREE:

1- H202 Creme DEVELOPER 10 Volume 1 Liter

1- H202 Creme DEVELOPER 20 Volume 1 Liter

1- COLOURPRIME Pre-Color Treatment 10.1 Fl. Oz.

1- Barrier Creme 5 Fl. Oz.

1- Aloxxi CHROMA™ Paper Swatch Chart