Aloxxi® 20 Vol. Blue Creme DEVELOPER is formulated to deliver consistent deposit and lift. The rich, creamy formula allows for easy application without dripping and is gentle to the scalp for client comfort. Aloxxi® Blue DEVELOPERS will assist in controlling underlying warmth when lifting. Provides a consistent, uniform deposit with Aloxxi CHROMA Colour.


Aloxxi® DEVELOPER and Timing Chart


Color Objective



 Development Time



 10 Volume (3%)

 25-35 minutes


 1 Level of Lift

 20 Volume (6%)

 30-45 minutes


 2 Levels of Lift

 30 Volume (9%)

 40-45 minutes


 3 Levels of Lift

 40 Volume (12%)

 40-50 minutes


Fine hair is more receptive to hair color; therefore less development time is needed

*Free developer liter for every 12 colours you purchase. Only vaild on with ANDIAMO, CHROMA, TONES or DIMENSIONS colours. You can mix and match. Not valid with intro kits or other pre-packed bundles. Must add all colours and developers to your cart. Discount taken at checkout. Cannot be combined with rewards. 

See manufacturer's instructions for detailed directions.


Helpful Hints:


Mix Aloxxi® 20 Volume H2O2 Blue Creme DEVELOPER with Aloxxi CHROMA Creme Colour according to color mixing instructions.

Blend to a smooth consistency.

Mix Aloxxi® 20 Volume H2O2 Blue Creme DEVELOPER with Aloxxi® LIGHTENERS according to LIGHTENER mixing directions