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CHROMA Permanent Creme Colour

Size2 Fl. Oz.
Give your clients a fun, interactive salon experience with Aloxxi CHROMA Permanent Creme Colour. Allow them to own their color, and express their personalities with over 100 different shade options. While Aloxxi CHROMA gives your clients an opportunity to have fun with their color, it also provides them with essential conditioning and protecting agents.

Features & Benefits:
Conditions- Emollients derived from Coconut Oil combined with highly charged co-polymers, including p22, create a a cocoon of conditioners which encapsulate the color pigments
Deposits- High-definition crystallized micro-pigments ensure 100% color saturation. Crystallized Micro Pigments easily penetrate inside the cortex. Once inside the cortex, the Crystallized Micro Pigments begin to aggregate, forming larger, more concentrated molecules
Protects- Plant based protectant Bisabolol (derived from Candeia), combined with a low ammonia formula, protect the hair and scalp during the color process

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*Free developer liter for every 12 colours you purchase. Only vaild on with ANDIAMO, CHROMA, TONES or DIMENSIONS colours. You can mix and match. Not valid with intro kits or other pre-packed bundles. Must add all colours and developers to your cart. Discount taken at checkout. Cannot be combined with rewards. 

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CHROMA Permanent Creme Colour

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See manufacturer's instructions for complete directions.

Helpful Hints:

4 Simple Steps
Determine natural level and/or existing color including % of grey/white hair
Analyze texture and porosity
Identify desired level and tonal direction
Utilize Aloxxi® DEVELOPER and Timing Chart to select color objective, developer, and timing

Mixing Levels 1-10  PLATINUM High Lift Colour
 1:1.5 Color:Developer  1:2 Color:Developer
 1 oz to 1.5 oz  .5 oz to 1oz
 2 oz to 3 oz  1 oz to 2 oz

Developer and Timing Chart      
 Color Objective Coverage  Developer  Development Time 
 Grey/White  Tone on Tone     10 Volume (3%)  25-35 minutes
 Grey/White  1 Level of Lift      20 Volume (6%)  30-45 minutes
 Grey/White  2 Levels of Lift     30 Volume (9%)    40-45  minutes
 Grey/White     3 Levels of Lift      40 Volume (12%)     40-50 minutes

Fine hair is more receptive to hair color; therefore less development time is needed. Aloxxi® H202 Blue Creme DEVELOPER is available in 20 volume (6%) and 40 volume (12%). The Blue DEVELOPERS will assist Aloxxi® Colour in controlling the underlying warmth when lifting.

Coconut Oil, Bisabolol


Condition: Emollients derived from Coconut Oil for deep conditioning and color absorption combined with highly charged co-polymers including p22 to aid in preventing cuticle damage, create a cocoon of conditioners which encapsulate the color pigments.

Deposit: High-definition crystallized micro-pigments, ensure maximum color saturation and even color results from base to ends.

Protect: Plant based protectant Bisabolol (derived from Candeia) combined with a low ammonia formula protects the hair and scalp during the color process by allowing hair to swell gently.

Easy to formulate, consistent, predictable long-lasting colour results.

Alpha numeric and International Numbering system identification.

Gentle and high performing results. Low alkalinity (when mixed with developer). Minimal swelling of the cuticle

Unsurpassed condition & shine. Long lasting results. Pure tones = beautiful color vibrancy. Profitable mixing ratio.

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Purchase 12 tubes of Andiamo, Chroma, Tones, or Dimensions colour, receive one Developer Liter of your choice FREE.