Aloxxi ANDIAMO® Express Permanent Color reduces the time it takes to get beautiful color and complete grey coverage. Formulated with TurboDye Technology®, ANDIAMO® provides complete grey coverage in a fraction of the time.

Express color services in just 10 minutes
Long-lasting color, vibrancy and shine
Outstanding care and condition for healthy hair
Achieve up to 4 levels of lift

Increased pigment concentration deposits a higher concentration of dyes in only 10 minutes
Calibrated dye coupler formula regulates the dye oxidation pace to ensure consistent, on-point color results.

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*Free developer liter for every 12 colours you purchase. Only vaild on with ANDIAMO, CHROMA, TONES or DIMENSIONS colours. You can mix and match. Not valid with intro kits or other pre-packed bundles. Must add all colours and developers to your cart. Discount taken at checkout. Cannot be combined with rewards.