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Keep Cool This Season with New Luminexx Hues!

Keep Cool This Season with New Luminexx Hues!

Changing your client’s hair colour comes down to a delicate balance between creativity and chemistry. One of the most common challenges faced by stylists is countering warmth in hair colour. Whether it's yellowing in blondes or unwanted brass tones in brunettes, the solution often lies in your formulation and the addition of blue, violet, and ash matte tones. This is exactly why we’re introducing you to our newest Cool Luminexx shades — Intense Ash, Violet Ash, Ash Matte, and Natural Ash Brown — designed with everything you need to counteract warmth.

Understanding Warmth in Hair Colour

Before diving into how Intense Ash, Violet Ash, Ash Matte and Natural Ash Brown tones can work their magic, it's essential to understand why warmth occurs in hair colour. When hair is lightened or coloured, it goes through a series of chemical reactions. During this process, the natural pigments in the hair are broken down, exposing underlying tones. In many cases, these underlying tones contribute to warmth in the final colour result. For example, when lifting dark hair, the underlying pigment revealed is often red or orange.

The Role of Intense Ash, Violet Ash, Ash Matte, and Natural Ash Brown to Create Cool Finishes

Meet The Cool New Luminexx Hues!

Intense Ash, Violet Ash, Ash Matte and Natural Ash Brown tones are cool tones. They sit opposite warm tones on the colour wheel, making them ideal for neutralizing unwanted warmth. Here's how each of the new Cool Luminexx shades enhances your hair colour:

  • INTENSE ASH: Intense Blue (Ash) base is ideal to control unwanted orange tones.
    VIOLET ASH: Violet + Blue (Violet Ash) base controls unwanted yellow/orange tones. 
  • ASH MATTE: Blue – Green (Ash, Matte) is a perfect base to control unwanted orange/red tones. 
  • NATURAL ASH BROWN: Natural + Blue (Ash) + Brown (Br) base creates rich, cool coverage and can be used alone or mixed with any Luminexx Shade. 

These new cool tones are invaluable when looking to counteract warmth and create beautiful, balanced hair colour. By understanding the role of each tone and utilizing expert techniques, these will help you master the art of cool hair colour and colour corrections to deliver flawless results. 

Professional Techniques for New Cool Luminexx Tones

You can employ various techniques to incorporate the Cool Luminexx shades which include Intense Ash, Violet Ash, Ash Matte and Natural Ash Brown tones into your colour formulations, these include: 

  • Toning: After lightening the hair, stylists can apply a toner containing the new Cool Luminexx shades to neutralize any underlying warmth and achieve the desired colour result.
  • Colour Correction: When dealing with clients who have significant warmth in their hair colour, you may need to perform colour correction treatments. This involves using targeted colour formulations to counteract unwanted tones and restore balance to the hair colour. 
  • Custom Blending: You can customize colour formulations to meet the unique needs of each client. By blending different shades and tone to create bespoke colour formulas, you can address specific concerns for stunning results.