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Let Aloxxi Bond with your Hair for Complete Summer Repair!

Let Aloxxi Bond with your Hair for Complete Summer Repair!

Your clients having too much fun in the sun this summer?  Environmental and chemical influences leaving their locks lackluster? Have no fear, Aloxxi RRx Treatment® is here to protect hair bonds during the chemical process and deliver reparative benefits to weak, damaged hair!

This treatment is the only prescription you need to strengthen and smooth your clients dry, brittle strands. Clinically proven to significantly improve strength for healthy hair with movement after just one use, it is customizable based on the degree of damage and can be used in combination with other chemical services. Formulated with Advanced Recovery Technology®, RRx dramatically restores strength and hydration to damaged hair, protecting hair bonds as well as conditioning, adding shine and restoring depleted proteins.

This two-part system, made up of RRx Serum and the RRx Replenishing Cream, simply needs to be mixed together and applied to clean, towel dried hair. Process at room temperature, or for maximum results a heat source can be used. Rinse well and style as desired and see how strength and shine are restored.

A few tips:

  •  For slightly damaged hair, mix 5 mls of RRx Serum to 30 mls of Replenishing Cream, process 5- 10 mins
  • For moderate damage, mix 10 mls of RRx Serum to 30 mls of Replenishing Cream, process 10 – 15 mins
  • For severe damage, mix 15 mls of RRx Serum to 30 ms of Replenishing Cream, process 20 mins

For additional RRx uses and more details, reference the Aloxxi Salon Technical Guide.

For ultimate results, make sure your clients do their part after treatment by recommending the Aloxxi Repair Line for home maintenance. Unlike other reparative products on the market, these are the perfect balance of protein and moisturizing ingredients, so there are no long-term effects of overloading the hair with protein, which can cause the hair to become brittle!