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Blonding Tips & Techniques for Flawless Hair Colour This Season

Blonding Tips & Techniques for Flawless Hair Colour This Season

As the temperatures begin to warm and clients look forward to a season full of sun, blonding season is upon us. In the spring months, blonding services begin to pick up in the salon. Clients are looking to lighten and brighten their colour in time for summer, which means now is the perfect time to brush up on the latest blonding tips and techniques!

Expert-Approved Tips for Blonde Hair Colour

Warm Vs. Cool Blonding

Anytime you lighten the hair, there is a range of options to choose from. While the level is an essential point to agree on, the tone is just as important. The finished shade will ultimately be unique to your client and can be cool, warm or neutral. While personal preference comes into play, the best way to determine a complementary shade is by looking at your client’s skin tone. Those with skin tones with blue-ish undertones are normally cool, while those with peach undertones are warm, while olive undertones are usually in the neutral territory.  

Foils vs. Balayage

Once level and tone are decided on, you can then pick a technique to get you there. The most common options for blonding involve a lightening agent and either foils or open-air techniques, like balayage.

Balayage is an open-air, free-hand technique that involves painting lightener onto hair sections. This usually creates a softer transition and is ideal for subtle placement. When performing balayage, you’ll want a lightener formulated specifically for open-air techniques. Aloxxi Freehand Lightener is a clay-based lightener that works beautifully for on and off-scalp techniques. It stays in place without swelling, transferring, or bleeding and provides up to 7 levels of lift. 

Foils can be ideal for maximum lift and control. They allow more heat to build within each section which can help achieve a higher level of lift. Additionally, they keep your sections clean and allow you to fully saturate each section with lightener. Depending on the level of lift and desired outcome, Aloxxi’s Blonde78 lighteners have a range of options to choose from. 

No matter the shade, Aloxxi Blonde 78 Charcoal Lightener continues to be a top choice for all blonding techniques. This is because it does a lot of the prep work for you by lifting and toning the hair at the same time. For example, if you’re lifting a level 5 or darker, it will result in a natural colour result. While level 6 or lighter will be lifted to an ashy colour result. In addition to 9 levels of lift, Charcoal Lightener includes Active Charcoal to purify the hair and simultaneously neutralize unwanted warmth during the lifting process for even, true-to-tone results.  

Trending Tones 

Blonding doesn’t only refer to blonde tones, it is simply the lightening of your client’s base color to achieve a different shade. You can use blonding services to create, bronde, brunette, or even red and copper-toned creations. If you’re looking to offer a few trend-driven options for your clients this season, these are a few of our favourites. 


Barbie Blonde


With the new Barbie movie debuting this summer, Barbie-inspired hair colours will be everywhere. To get the look, icy and ashy blondes should ask for a warmer finish with plenty of gold undertones to get the look. 

Sun-Kissed Brunette

Image: @alexlorenhair

Highlighting your natural tone with a touch of light, sun-kissed brunettes are back in full effect this season. To achieve a subtle finish, concentrate hand-painted highlights around the face and in underlying layers to create a very natural-looking finish. 

Gemini Hair

Any tone goes when it comes to Gemini hair — the bolder the better. Due to the vibrant shades and structured placement, hair should be pre-lightened before applying your final tone. A combination of highlights and on-scalp placement will be key to create this look.


Whether subtle highlights or bold looks, clients that colour their hair need adequate home care to elongate their colour and care for their hair. 

Bold tones - Add Aloxxi Instaboost to your routine to add or correct tone and condition the hair. 

Traditional highlights - Blonde tones can easily become discoloured, which is why adding Aloxxi Violet Shampoo with ColourCare Complex to your routine is key. It will counteract brassiness and enhance silver tones to deliver cool, refreshed tones with much-needed hydration. 


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