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How To Refresh Hair Colour Between Salon Appointments

How To Refresh Hair Colour Between Salon Appointments

2023 has already been deemed the year to have fun with your hair colour. We are seeing more experimenting with a variety of hues — natural and vivid — to create a more playful finish than in past seasons Clients who colour their hair, know exactly how amazing it feels the moment they step out of the salon. There’s an extra spring in their step as they snap selfies of their new ‘do, and suddenly even grabbing coffee feels glamorous. The thing about dyeing your hair is that no matter the shade, there is a fair amount of upkeep required. Fear not; we’ve got a few tips and a must-have product pick to help on any hair colour journey. 

From highlights to global colour, balayage, or gloss treatments — anytime the hair is coloured, there is an amount of upkeep that goes along with it. It requires regular root touch-ups and glossing treatments to keep colour looking its best between appointments and, more than anything, home care.

Home Care Tips for Coloured Hair

Turn Down the Temps

Hot water and heat styling are two of the main culprits when it comes to colour fade. Anytime the hair is washed with hot water, the cuticle is opened, and hair dye can start to escape. Turning the temperature down slightly or even add a cool rinse before you're through. 

When it comes to heat styling, excess heat without proper protection can damage the hair, raise the cuticle and lead to a lacklustre appearance. We’re not saying to give up heat styling completely, but be proactive when styling by adding heat protection.

Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Each time the hair is shampooed, it is vital to use a formula that gently cleanses the hair to wash away impurities without compromising colour. Use a sulfate-free formula, like Aloxxi Hydrating ShampooEssential 7 Oil Cleansing Oil Shampoo. Or opt for Aloxxi Instaboost® Conditioning Color Shampoo when you want to add golden tones while nourishing, protecting and infusing the strands with colour and shine thanks to Aloxxi’s CDP Complex®. This shampoo is also the perfect prep for Aloxxi Instaboost® Conditioning Color Masques..

Tinted Treatments are a Must

To combat colour fade, sometimes you’ve just got to get ahead of it. Instead of waiting for colour to appear lacklustre, send clients home with an at-home solution that actively works to refresh hair colour and restore condition. Meet: Aloxxi Instaboost® Conditioning Color Masques.

With 12 colour treatments to choose from, plus a clear glossing option, adding a hint of colour and a healthy dose of shine has never been easier. These targeted tinted treatments deposit colour in 3-5 minutes and have a cumulative impact that can build your colour over time. Featuring CDP Complex to Condition, Deposit and Protect colour-treated hair, these masques add colour to pre-lightened or natural tones to create a variety of finishes based on the starting level and tone. Enhance rose gold blonde with a touch of Pink Please, combat brass with Ultimate Platinum, or warm up bronde with Hazel-Nuts For You