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The Expert's Guide to Summer Blondes with Aloxxi

The Expert's Guide to Summer Blondes with Aloxxi

Hair colour trends and techniques have grown wildly over the past few years. Styles that were tried and true are no longer enough; now every client requires a high level of customization for each and every look. From choosing the specific shade to tailoring placement based on cheekbones or the latest haircut — a brush stroke here or a foil there can completely change the entire look. As we celebrate the latest blonde trends for summer 2023 we’re breaking down some of our top blonding tips alongside our favourite blonde trends and aftercare advice.

Blonding Tips with Aloxxi 

The biggest debate when beginning a blonding service on your client usually starts with using foils versus open-air techniques. From here, it comes down to how many foils, the weaving pattern and sectioning and then deciding on which lightener to use. Depending on the level of lift you’re after and the placement, Aloxxi’s Blonde78™ Lighteners have a range of options to enhance your creation. 


Which Aloxxi Blonde 78™ lightener to use for blonding?

A white powder lightener ideal for colour corrections or when enhancing warm or natural tones. 

Counteract warmth and create cool, platinum, or icy results with this lightening. Ideal to use on clients who naturally pull warm when the desired result is neutral brunette or platinum blonde. 

Formulated with a white powder, this lightener is ideal for resistant bases, coarse hair, or when extra lift is needed. 

This lightener is one of our favourites for all blonding techniques because it does a lot of the prep work for you! It lifts and tones simultaneously to ensure the lightened result is purified and free of unwanted warm tones. When applied to levels 1-5, hair is pre-toned to a natural color result. When applied to levels 6 or lighter, it will create an ash tone result. 

On-Trend Blonde Inspiration

Dimensional Blonde 

Whenever you want to enhance a haircut, it is essential to add enough highs and lows throughout your blonde. By adding a few well-placed foils throughout to create a pop of colour, you’ll also notice natural lows add depth.  

Barbie Blonde

The new Barbie film has taken the world by storm and apart from seeing pink everywhere, we’re also noticing more and more Barbie Blonde hair colour trends pop up. For this look, White Lightener or Charcoal Lightener are ideal to create an icy, cool, blonde finish. The most important part — don’t forget to follow with Aloxxi Violet Shampoo to counteract unwanted warmth and hydrate your new hue!

Sun-Kissed Blonde 

While we love the cool blonde trends this summer, sometimes adding a warm glow can help enhance your client’s colour while also creating a lower-maintenance routine for them. To get this glow-up, Aloxxi White Lightener + Aloxxi TONES was key. See the full step-by-step here.


The Top Care Tips for Blonde Hair

The Blonde 78 Complex™ within each of the Blonde 78™ Lighteners is your first step towards taking care of your blondes. This includes built-in bond protection to increase hydration while protecting the strength and integrity of the hair to allow for ideal lightening no matter the texture. Following this, Aloxxi Violet Shampoo is the best way to gently wash away unwanted warmth and enhance cool results for blonde hair. If your blonde needs additional conditioning or a boost of colour work Aloxxi INSTABOOST® Conditioning Color Masques into your routine — with 12 Shades or a Clear shade to choose from you can easily condition, deposit tone and repair in just 3-5 minutes *with more intense colour results with continued use